Adulting 101

There’s this thing we call adulting. It’s a way of saying you’re responsible for your own livelihood and potentially the livelihood of others. It involves  activities such as grocery shopping, bill paying, appointment making, relationship building, working and so much more that requires a ton of conscious and physical effort. WHEW.  Mind you, I haven’tContinue reading “Adulting 101”

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The Reset? Nah, more like Connecting Flights

I moved. I lived in California for the entirety of my existence and as of last week, I am officially a resident of the oh so sunny Arizona. I moved for opportunity and to be honest, new scenery. It was a very bold decision on my end, but I wouldn’t be Chi if I didn’tContinue reading “The Reset? Nah, more like Connecting Flights”

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Levels of Introspection

Introspection (noun). The examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes. Throughout my previous posts, introspection is a word I utilized quite often. I always say either I had to get introspective or I suggest that the reader of my posts should get introspective.  This post is going to be slightly different thanContinue reading “Levels of Introspection”

Dating in a Pandemic: My Experience

Give me a G! Give me a H! Give me an E! Give me a T! Give me another T! Give me an O! What does that spell? GHETTO! Okay, okay let me be serious. The entire experience hasn’t been ghetto, but the pandemic is like adding parsley on top of an already dull experience. Continue reading “Dating in a Pandemic: My Experience”

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