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To all my non-black supporters asking how can you show your solidarity to the movement. Here are actions that you should take in addition to the donations, retweets and repost on social media. If you have been feeling tired and uncomfortable with the amount of black lives matter content you’ve been seeing, imagine how it feels having to fight the same fight for 400 years:

*Following info borrowed from @iamtabithabrown on instagram*

  1. Ask yourself how many black businesses you support.
  2. Call out your colleagues when they say something racist.
  3. Call out your friends when they say something racist.
  4. Call out your family when they say something racist.
  5. If you haven’t spoken out at all during this last week, ask yourself why.
  6. If you feel uncomfortable using your platform to stand up for justice ask yourself why.
  7. If you feel uncomfortable posting about the women’s march, the climate march, but not about justice for black lives ask yourself why.
  8. Look around your office and count the number of black colleagues you see. Don’t substitute women for visible minorities by saying, “we embrace diversity, the majority of our employees are female.” It’s not the same thing. These are two very real fights but you don’t get to substitute one for the other.
  9. Take a moment and reflect on your childhood/high school days and think about all the times that racism was apparent, joked about, a part of everyday life. Sit with that.
  10. When you talk about how terrible it is that people treated differently based on the color of their skin, recognize that this acknowledgement means people can be policed differently based on the color of their skin.
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