Chidera Cynthia Agu

I’ve learned that whenever I decide something with an open heart, I usually make the right decision.

-Maya Angelou

Who is Chi?

Hello beautiful people and welcome to my site! I’m Chidera Cynthia Agu, a first-generation, Nigerian-American with A LOT on my mind. Inglewood born, Cerritos raised, Naija proud! I just graduated earlier in May from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona with my degree in Chemical Engineering. #Classof2020

Throughout my childhood I was always the introverted, socially awkward individual who couldn’t hold a basic conversation to save my life. Which is surprising seeing as I grew up with four other siblings. For some reason people just gave me the heebie jeebies! I was overly anxious at school; my thoughts were just always on one hundred. So reading became my get a way, I LOVED to read. Not only did I love to read, but I loved telling my parents and friends what I read about. I can’t even count how many books I read in elementary school alone, if I were to ballpark a number, I would say about 2-3 a week…yes, a week! I’d sit there and finish my book in one sitting and then immediately start another. I started to pick up on different writers and their writing styles, it was so interesting to me how certain authors were able to paint such a true to life picture with simply just words, how they had the ability to make you feel, and vicariously experience different worlds outside of your own. Mesmerized would be a better adjective to describe my infatuation with the ability of storytelling. At this point, I knew I wanted to be a writer.

Around the 7th grade, I started writing poems and short stories. I still have my original printouts and time stamped notes because my Dad would make me print and save them to show to his coworkers at work. My number one supporter! He’d make me keep them in a binder and said when I had a good amount, we we’re going to turn it into a book. Boy did this man gas my work! He loved it so much that he would have me reread them to him throughout the week. My mom also adored them, my dad was just next level, but like in the best way possible. Supportive parents, we love to see it! They’ll be posted in a segment called Flash Back Fridays!

But back to my main point, I stopped writing towards the end of high school, for reasons to possibly be discussed in later posts. However, picked it up back in college…stopped again…picked it back up…well you get the point, right? A roller coaster ride of writers block, overwhelming emotions, adventures, unforgettable experiences, and moments that shaped me into the woman I am today. Well, my journey also brought me here, to WhatChiSaid. Back and better than ever! But don’t get it twisted, still a whole lot of room for growth and introspection. Excited is an understatement as we all dive into a range of topics that I hope will resonate with someone and start conversations that will encourage action towards dealing with our emotions and bettering ourselves mentally and emotionally.  I hope you enjoy WhatChiSaid!

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