Adulting 101

There’s this thing we call adulting. It’s a way of saying you’re responsible for your own livelihood and potentially the livelihood of others. It involves  activities such as grocery shopping, bill paying, appointment making, relationship building, working and so much more that requires a ton of conscious and physical effort. WHEW. 

Mind you, I haven’t been doing this ‘adulting’ thing long, but I am having the time of my life. There’s an indescribable feeling that overruns my body everytime I walk into my apartment that I pay for, surrounded by my company and my company only unless I choose to surround myself with the presence of others. Yes, this is the simpler side of adulting. But my time out here has taught me that life can be simple. 

We get engulfed in the intricacies of adulthood, better yet we create the intricacies. None of this matters. I don’t know if that’s a tough pill to swallow. But this life game? Yea, it’s rigged. It’s rigged so severely that I just had to create my own rules to spice it up a bit. I only created one rule, it’s to unapologetically live it up.  I am having the time of my life because for the first time I’m not surrounded by people who are monitoring my moves. The time I wake up or come home, who I hang out with, how I decompress after a long day of work, how often I choose silence as company not because I’m lonely but because it’s comforting, all of it is under my control without the pressure of succeeding.  

For those who have been following my blog, it’s evident that I love living in the moment. Adulting is like the cherry on top to that. I’ve come to appreciate the present even more. What am I doing tomorrow? Couldn’t tell you. What’s my expectations for the week? To do something that makes me smile at least once a day. That’s it. Outside of my work schedule, I take each day as they come. Life…living… is difficult as hell. The world imposes all of these crazy rules and restrictions on us, to survive is a feat on its own and everyday we live to see another day is a victory. That means existing is actually enough. 

I know it’s young and optimistic of me to reduce life to just existing. But, throughout life everytime we encounter an obstacle the solution typically lies in going back to the basics, remembering the initial foundation of the problem. Well…life is hard, there is no question about it. It doesn’t have to be. If we go back to the basics and look at the initial foundation on which living sits on, it’s existing. How do you want to exist? What will make your existence memorable for you and your soul in your current physical body? That’s what matters. Everything else is just white noise to distract us from the fact that existing is enough. 

The next big job, pay day, promotion, and so forth matters if you want it to. If it aides in a sense of accomplishment as we have been groomed to believe it does, then by all means immerse yourself in those joys. As long as it actually does that, bring you joy. Life isn’t about finding the next big thing or chasing the feeling that something is missing, it’s about embracing the fact that at the end of the day existence is living. As long as you’re happy in your existence, you’ve cracked the code. There is no missing piece, that’s the secret. What’s your Adulting 101 tip? Leave a comment below. As long as you’re breathing you’re existing, and as long as you’re existing you’re doing a great job. Why? Because  #WhatChiSaid! See you next time!


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2 thoughts on “Adulting 101

  1. Lovely write-up and thoughts.

    For me, my adulting tip is to make my own decisions and face the consequences whether good or bad instead of running away incase they are bad consequences. When I can confidently face the out comes, I feel like a real grown-up who is capable of managing her own life.

    You know how we meet people who tend to have one look at us and then judge us because of our age, size and name it.
    But if I know I can face up for myself, then you got nothing on me!

    Thanks for this wonderful post.


  2. My adulting 101 tip is be very intentional in who you share your energy with. We get to decide on who we spend time with and this seemingly simple task can make or break you. Just as you beautifully explained in this post, create the life that you’d enjoy! Time is too precious to do anything else but that.


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