The Reset? Nah, more like Connecting Flights

I moved. I lived in California for the entirety of my existence and as of last week, I am officially a resident of the oh so sunny Arizona. I moved for opportunity and to be honest, new scenery. It was a very bold decision on my end, but I wouldn’t be Chi if I didn’t dare to be different. I wouldn’t be Chi if I didn’t challenge myself. In the words of Andra Day, “I don’t know how to never try at all, so cheers to the fall.” Or, in this case, cheers to the rise, because that’s what I intend to do! Rise. Elevate in experience, wisdom, knowledge, love, and every other aspect that life embodies. Rise.

When my circle of friends and loved ones first found out I was moving, there were mixed feelings. Some projected their fears onto my future, some were ecstatic beyond explanation, and some were indifferent-excited for me, but sad I’d be leaving them. Nevertheless, the general theme was some sort of reset

“OMG you get to start all over! You can be whoever you want to be.”

“Wow! How exciting, you get a fresh start!”

“Do you really want to move to a place where you don’t know anyone with a job you may or may not like? Idk, I know personally I couldn’t do it. Starting over seems stressful.” 

In the moment, I gave smiles and words that assured my enthusiasm for this shift in my life. However, when I was back alone with myself and my thoughts, in my safe haven of a room…I started to really think about everyones reactions. Start over. Fresh start. These words lingered in my consciousness for days, if not weeks like a balloon almost out of helium. Was I actually hitting the reset button?

I can be whoever I want to be huh? Well I decided, being me always worked in my favor so I’m going to continue doing so. Yes, it is new beginnings in the sense that I’ve never lived outside of California. But, I don’t intend on starting over. Building and resetting are two different things. I do intend to build. Build new relationships-platonic and possibly romantic, build my income, build experiences, and everything else I mentioned in that first paragraph. 

When I think of reset, I think of starting from 0. That’s not realistic for me. I’ve grown substantially, so I do not intend to start from 0. I intend for Arizona to meet me where I’m already at. I want to attract people and experiences that are a reflection of who I already am and continue growing from there. I like to think of this phase of my life as connecting flights. Yes, I’m unboarding the Cali flight and boarding the Arizona one, but the destination is still the same. The destination is no destination. The destination is more so the journey, it is and will forever be catering to my wants and needs, entertaining my inner child, and continuing to push myself past my self limits and outside the boxes the world tries to place me into. I’m boundless, forever enjoying the journey, and at this point…waiting for the hypothetical flight attendant to bring the mid flight snacks. 

I’ve only been out here a week so far and I already have some interesting stories to tell. Stay tuned for this next chapter of WhatChiSaid. Follow my wins, losses, and all the inbetweens. 

What’s stopping you from your next connecting flight? Where do you want to go, what do you want to do, what risk aren’t you taking out of fear for the unknown? Live life, don’t let life happen to you. Take that risk, bet on yourself, and cheers to the fall…or to the rise! Why? Because that’s  #WhatChiSaid! See you next time!


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