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“All money ain’t good money!”

Before I started Chapter 3 of this blog, aka the most recent segments, I asked my Instagram followers what topics they would like to see be discussed. This was one that stood out to me!

If you accept money that is rooted in not the most ideal circumstances, does it take away from you being a good person?

Although this post is geared towards answering the question above, the decision making process I discuss is applicable to all decisions you find yourself having to make. Lets get into it!

Not the most ideal circumstances is extremely vague. This can be rooted in a plethora of things such as, but not limited to obtaining the money through illegal activity, accepting money from a person who wronged you, accepting money you didn’t earn (taking credit for another persons work or stealing the money), there is just so much that can fit under the umbrella of “not the most ideal,” so I’ll be speaking very vaguely throughout this post.

In short, all money ain’t good money! Unknowingly accepting bad money is completely different than willingly accepting bad money. When you willingly accept money rooted in not the most ideal circumstances, there was more than likely some internal dialogue that took place. You probably asked yourself if what you are doing is right, if you should accept it, or something along those lines. Something in you doubted or questioned the source of the money and thus felt the need to spark that internal dialogue. Therefore, it’s important to look deeper into that doubt and ask yourself some more questions before moving forward.

Now to tackle the question, Does it take away from you being a good person?” What entirely is good and bad? There’s so much subjectivity rooted in both words that it’s almost impossible to give a solid answer that lacks any bias

What do you define good and bad as? Do you define it by intention or impact? Is there a moral compass you live by, such as a bible or other spiritual guide? If you accept money in not ideal circumstances, what direction would your moral compass point in? Once you are able to answer these questions, the main question, If you accept money that is rooted in not the most ideal circumstances, does it take away from you being a good person?,” becomes easier to dissect.

Personally, money is abundant. If I spend it, use it, or lose it, I know it will come right back. I’m not rich, not even close, but I finally have a healthy relationship with money so my outlook on it is different. I’m quick to spend money on myself and others because again, in this world, money is abundant and I attract what I need! With that being said, I can’t accept money from any and everything. It has to be earned or gifted to me, and the money has to come from a legit source. This is solely because I am a reflection of what I accept, indulge in, and so forth. I’m very big on energy and the Law of Cause and Effect.

Law of Cause and Effect

States that whatever you send into the universe comes back. Action – re-action are equal and opposite. Every cause has its effect; every effect, its cause.

What you put out is what you’ll get, every action has an equal reaction. I like to think of it sort of like physics. Let’s say a ball is rolling on a frictionless ground. I’m the ball. To define directions, forward is positive good energy, backwards is negative bad energy, and stationary is neutral. For those who are unfamiliar with physics, since it’s a frictionless ground, as long as I am not met with an opposing force I’ll continue to roll. My current state of peace and good energy is the initial push or “force” that gets the ball rolling in the forward direction. As long as I continue to radiate this good energy by choosing happiness, putting myself first, only accepting gifts and behavior that are a reflection of who I am, and so forth, I’ll continue to roll in the forward direction without opposition. HOWEVER, if I do the opposite, such as but not limited to putting myself in uncomfortable situations that have me questioning my character and or morals (i.e. accepting my subjective interpretation of bad money) then, an opposing force will  try and stop my ball from rolling in the forward direction. It may be an equal opposing force, so it will halt me in a neutral position or it can be a greater opposing force that now has me rolling in the backwards direction. The goal is to keep moving forward.  If I lost you during this analogy, I apologize!

I wouldn’t accept money that made me question my character, that was involved in any illegal activity, or that I do not deserve. I just don’t have it in me to open a door with that type of energy into my life. I worked hard to obtain this level of peace and to get to this place where I’m constantly surrounded by warm and welcoming energy and I only accept things (i.e. money) that emanate that same aura. 

If you accept money that is rooted in not the most ideal circumstances does it take away from you being a good person?

This is a question only you can answer! I know during this pandemic, some people have struggled financially so they’ve taken matters into their own hands in forms of scams, deceit, and lies. I understand that it seems ideal in the moment and the intent was/is probably rooted in something good, so to each their own. But,  do you believe in the Law of Cause and Effect? If not, what do you believe in and where do your actions lie on that scale? I know this specific post is about money, but it’s applicable to almost any action we partake in so ask yourself these questions before you make decisions. Think before you act! Why? Because that’s #WhatChiSaid! See you next time!! Don’t forget to subscribe below!!


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