What is SARS, why is it trending, and why have you been seeing it on your social media and news outlets?

SARS is a Special Anti-Robbery Squad, it is a unit among the Nigerian police force that was established in the 1990s to help combat robbery, motor vehicle theft, kidnapping, cattle rustling, and firearms. They sound like a necessary unit right? WRONG.

Officers among SARS have been abusing their power by stealing from, torturing, and tormenting the same people they are suppose to protect. Just like in America, there is no accountablility for the excessive force officers use against civilians. The #ENDSARS protests began after a video was released showing a young man being unjustifiably shot by SARS officers. This video sparked the peaceful protest in Nigeria and now globally as more protest videos are surfacing from protesters in America and London demanding justice for the deceased, accountability for the officers involved, and calling to have SARS disbanded.

The Nigerian youth have been showing up and out, protesting nonstop for days demanding change! #ENDSARS is just the tip of the iceberg, these protest are a call to end the corruption that’s deeply embedded in the Nigerian government.

The Nigerian government has been known to have its flaws and has been viewed as corrupt by both Nigerians living in Nigeria and Nigerians abroad. However, their lack of intervention especially after yesterdays tragic massacre speaks volumes.

Yesterday, October 20th, 2020, the Nigerian government sent army tanks to attack unarmed peaceful protestors at a sit in at Lekki Toll Gate in Lagos, Nigeria. The unarmed and peaceful protestors were essentially trapped and boxed in while military officers were firing from both sides resulting in the death of over 70 innocent lives. The people are not only asking to #ENDSARS, but in addition asking for Buhari, the current Nigerian president, to resign. He has yet to publically address the tradgedy or plans for moving forward. The resilience, strength, and courage of the Nigerian youth in Nigeria demanding and protesting for change has been inspiring, yet heartbeaking. Please click here if you would like to donate to support victims in Lagos and across Nigeria. The money goes towards food, water, medical bills, ambulances, and other general resources!

Alongside Nigeria, other african countries are fighting battles that need help and attention too.

Congo: “Congo is undergoing a silent holocaust where millions of people are getting killed for Coltan, a natural resource that is needed for electronic devices.” The hashtags being used are #Silentholocaust and #Congoisbleeding

Ivory Coast and Ghana: “There has been an increase in child labor and child trafficking in Ghana and Ivory Coast. Children are trafficked from Burkina Faso and Mali to work in Ghana and Ivory Coast on Cocoa Farms as slaves.” The hashtags being used are #Childtrafficking #Ghana and #IvoryCoast

South Africa: “After the rape and murder of a 19 year old University of Cape Town student named Uyinene Mrwetyana by a 42 year old Post Office worker, protest erupted. According to South African Police Service, a woman is murdered every three hours in South Africa.” The hashtag #AmINext is being used.

Do your own research, spread information, and bring as much awareness as you can to as many people as you can! Black lives matter is a global movement, let’s help uplift our brothers and sisters abroad. Why? Because that’s #WhatChiSaid. The original post for today “Post Graduation Road Blocks” has been pushed back to next week!


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