Tips to Take Care of Yourself Amongst Amerikkkas Current Revolution

It’s no secret that the climate in todays society is very tense. We are witnessing the aftermath of hundreds of years of systematic oppression. We are tired. We want justice. We want everyone to know that our voices will be heard, that they can no longer silence us, and that until we see justice, Amerikkka will see no peace. I understand that social media is very emotionally overwhelming and for some triggering. It’s important to take care of your mental health now more than ever. Here are some ways to take care of yourself amongst this ongoing battle for justice:

  1. LOG OFF

Take a break from social media. I know for some this is our only source for updates and important information regarding the black lives matter movement, but you need a break! There are videos circulating of black men and women being killed, being beaten up, hurting, crying, and in pain. There is nothing normal about taking in that much painful content, it will eventually take a toll on you. You don’t have to log off the entire day if you don’t want to…but take a couple of hours for yourself, let your mind recooperate.


Talk out your emotions. Reach out to someone you trust, someone you don’t mind being vulnerable with and talk! Bottling up our emotions does no good. It builds up and will eventually release itself in other forms. If you have no one to talk to or simply don’t want to reach out to your friends right now, I can be your listening ear. My email is provided below. If you simply just need an outlet and a place to vent and you don’t want a response, add “DO NOT REPLY” to the subject header, otherwise I’ll reply to any email I receive! Sometimes talking it out can help you unravel your emotions.


Go for a walk or run, do some exercise outdoors, take a chair and sit outside. Detach from all that’s going on for just a moment and be present in the world. Take in the fresh air, take in the beauty the world has to offer. Just take the time to stop…and breath. *If your city now has a curfew, please be aware and mindful of what they are*


We have been in a global lockdown for months. What were your hobbies before these protest and pre COVID-19? What made you happy? What brings you joy? What was your escape? Go back to it! Make it a habit to take at least a day out of the week to solely do the things that make you happy. Treat yourself, take care of yourself, priortize yourself!


Please please please take care of yourself amidst these times. Stay informed, stay aware, continue to say the names of the lives lost due to police brutality and our current unjust system that does not hold these officers accountable. Click here for resources such as links to where you can donate to organizations helping the various black lives matter movements in different states, petitions you can sign, and other useful links in regards to the #blacklivesmatter movement. Rest in peace to all the black men, women, and children whose lives were wrongfully taken from them by a system who does not care for people who look like me. I will continue to say y’alls name and I will continue to fight for y’alls justice.


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